Here's just a small sampling of the ways we've helped support clients and partners over the years.

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Litigation Support

Litigation support

GFA provides expert testimony and consulting support for litigation. Over the last decade, GFA has been involved in a number of high profile cases that have involved a wide range of fixed income and derivative products, with issues regarding their strategy, valuation and risk characteristics.

Some Recent Cases Include:

Municipal Bankruptcy: GFA was the valuation expert for a large investment bank in litigation involving the $1.7 billion bankruptcy of a municipality.

Mutual Fund Litigation: GFA was the valuation and strategy analysis expert for several plaintiffs in litigation cases involving different major mutual funds.

Investment Company Bankruptcy: Provided expert services in the bankruptcy involving a major investment company with major investments in CMO's and other highly interest-rate sensitive fixed income products. 

Fortune 500 Tax Matter: Provided strategy analysis and expert testimony for a major Fortune 500 firm versus the Internal Revenue Service.

Securities Litigation: GFA was the valuation expert for an investment bank in two cases that involved CMO/MBS/ABS securities disputes with the bank's clients.

Investment Advisor Litigation: Provided strategy analysis and expert testimony for government regulators in litigation cases involving investment advisors or brokers.