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BondSense Features Overview

Our core belief is that almost every portfolio manager lacks the ability to stay in touch with their portfolio while on the go, away from the office and a workstation.

  • manage large portfolios across fixed income investment types

    • US Treasuries, Corporate Bonds, Municipal Bonds, Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS)

  • Advanced search – Find securities’ detail within a large portfolio by CUSIP

  • Automated Daily updates

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) Core

  • Portfolio risk management Tools

    • cross sectional analysis adj. duration, convexity, volatility, coupon, credit rating, maturity, and industry sector.

    • Comparison to benchmark index or OPTIMIZED portfolio

  • Portfolio holding analysis

    • Top 10 Holdings by Market Value

    • Holdings Detail

  • RObust MBS Analysis

    • side-by-side comparison Tool

    • Simulation tool – multi-scenario analysis with options including Prepayment Shift (CPR), Credit Default Shift (CDR), Interest rate shift and user defined price/yield variations display

  • Powered by GFA’s PROPRIETARY Models

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Your portfolio manager may have great tools, Aladdin, Bloomberg, etc. But if you don’t have Fong, your trading and asset management is not as good as it could be. He and his GFA group make any investment and trading process better.
— Sam Lewis, CIO @ LPE Trust

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Dashboards & Visualizations


Cross Sectional Analysis


SIDe-By-SIDE COmparison

Broker-Dealer Buy List.png

Portfolio OPTIMIZATION using Dealer’s Buy Lists


MBS Simulation Tool


Trade Opportunity Mining

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